nanogui: Thread: nano-x porting to MinGW

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Subject: [nanogui] nano-x porting to MinGW
From: "Georg Potthast" ####@####.####
Date: 12 Mar 2013 21:13:35 -0000
Message-Id: <6314660F49434402B0F9D16CF13A5FF5@SCHREIBTISCHGP>

I made a ZIP archive of the current status of my MinGW port of Nano-X and 
NXLib to Linux. You can download it here:

The port uses the Allegro library as the base for the screen, mouse and 
keyboard drivers. The keyboard driver needs some work.

This package does show how far I got porting this and allows to extend the 
code if there should be a need for such a port.

I was able to compile and run some Nano-X demos and a sample program for 
NXlib. I would have to look into compiling FLTK on MinGW to compile that 
with this port of NXlib.


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