nanogui: Thread: Re: nanox patch 320x240 to 640x480 with config 320x240

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Subject: Re: nanox patch 320x240 to 640x480 with config 320x240
From: Greg Haerr ####@####.####
Date: 22 Dec 2013 03:08:45 -0000
Message-Id: <>

> I do not want to change the nanox-config and my app because it is too much work.
> ( unfortunately I progged it static with a lot of static x-Y positions )
> Is it possible to let my app, demo-apps and nanox think it is working
> on a QVGA, but I manually patch the diplay-driver and show
> 1 pixel as 4 pixels on the VGA?
> So a simply patch a nanox-driver to multiply the pixels from 320x240 to 640x480
> before it is written to framebuffer?

Not very easily, but possible. Your program could run without
modificaiton, but the nano-x server would be recompiled. 

At startup, the framebuffer driver would allocate offscreen memory
of the previous size, and then use this pointer, rather than the actual
pointer into mapped framebuffer memory, to draw on.

Then, at various intervals, the server would run a routine that would
multiply all pixels from offscreen buffer into the real framebuffer,
which would be allocated using the previous code in the frame buffer
open routine.

If this makes sense, you might proceed. Otherwise, it's likely going
to be complicated. On a further note, the unreleased v0.93 in git
always calculates bounding rects for all low-level draw routines,
which could be used to directly translate from "offscreen" to the
real framebuffer at the draw time. This would be a bit more complicated.


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