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Subject: Wishlist
From: "Georg Potthast" ####@####.####
Date: 21 Dec 2014 08:30:00 -0000

Well, it is Christmas time, so I will post a wishlist for the next release 
of Nano-X here. Maybe other users have some wishes they want to add!

- mouse wheel support
- better Alt-GR key support
- add full screen and iconize buttons to the WM window manager
- adding antialias command to nxlib/find_font.c to have better looking fonts
- fix keyboard mapping in nxlib/StrKeySym.c
- make Nano-X and the demos compile without warnings
- add NXlib to the microwin/src directory and modify the makefile to compile 
it to a library that does not need the -lnano-X parameter

I think these items take not much time to implement but will make quite a 
difference. Ok, ironing out the warnings will take time.


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